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Venue Selection & Club Setup

Posted by Stepio On 10:08 AM

Venue Selection & Setup

When Coach Aspromonte was first-time visiting Hong Kong during our Camp in late August, he was amazed by the density of high-rise buildings in Hong Kong. He commented that it is more severe than the scene in movie ’Transformer 4’.

And he also realized that we have been changing venues among our sessions, either morning/afternoon or day-to-day. He was not quite acceptable at the beginning yet after he was aware of the rationale behind the circumstances, he well understood and happy with our arrangement.

He also experienced the convenience and affordable commuting brought by our public transport system in Hong Kong. He had been taking trams, trains, ferry, buses, taxis and private vehicles in Hong Kong. He concluded that he prefers public transport as time can be well controlled and very affordable compared to transports in Italy.

In Scherma Italiana, here are the criteria of venue selection :

  • it is for our fencers, not club owner nor the coaches nor other third parties.
  • our fencers are not paying for subsidizing landlords or property developers.
  • we are here for getting proper training with affordable price.
  • we do not need a fancy venue with huge hall to accommodate 20 fencers at the same time.
  • we need basic setting at venue, but no more.
  • quality coaches are more important than quality venue.

With the above principles, we have found the best possible venue for our fencers. It is on a factory building with passenger lifts, 5-minute walk from MTR station, well air-conditioning and brand new long and short pistes are equipped.

Other than that, we have resting area, model target and spare weapons and supplies in the club. And that is it!

The setup is purely for training, very basic yet effective to accommodate maximum only 8 fencers training at the same time. It is a self-help environment so we need no admin staff on-site.

Simple is beauty.

How about our approach on fitting into busy schedule of our fencers? Here is the solution.


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