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Perfect for Fencers with Busy Schedules

Posted by Stepio On 9:44 PM

Scheduling for our Busy Fencers

With our 5-day camp in August, Coach Aspromonte has experienced fencers who came in late or left early, due to their busy schedule on schooling and other academic activities e.g. tutoring, extra-curricular, commuting from and to the venue.

He was also very surprises on how busy our fencers are and still keep their passion on fencing, even they are just 6-7 years old. He really appreciated their enthusiastic on this sport and that is one of the reasons why he would try his best to find the best solution for them on training.

The sessions in Scherma Italiana are designed for our fencers, not our coach.

We do not fit our fencers’ time slots into our coaches’ slots, we do it otherwise.

Every weekday we open from 4pm to 10pm. Our fencers can choose when they like to get trained and come freely. Of course they should schedule their own time slots and, as previously mentioned, come at least 30 minutes earlier to get themselves warmed up.

We have the coach ready for them. And follow their strengths and weaknesses every time they come to practice. The number of fencers is small enough to ensure the coach knows them well. And we have the progress report to share among coaches to keep track on their progresses and the improvements required.

Other than the above, as far as the session is not yet full, fencers can always get into the session anytime they see fit. Just get on the webpage and pre-register the session and the space is reserved. Even you are just realize that you have time to fence and you bring no equipment, you can always come to the club and join the training.

Again, it is for fencers to get training anytime they see fit and time permits.

So as for now, you see it is more-or-less fencer-driven not coach driven approach, let's elaborate further here.


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