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Fencer-Driven vs. Coach-Driven

Posted by Stepio On 10:48 PM

Fencer-Driven vs. Coach-Driven

For clubs we encountered in most of the locations, lesson scheduling is usually determined by coaches’ availabilities. As far as the scheduling is arranged by the coaches, it is about maximizing the club’s profits, instead of the fencers’ needs.

In Frascati Scherma in Frascati, Italy, fencers pay a fixed, reasonable fee and come anytime they see fit. When the club can cater such demand, it is available anytime within the operation hours, coaches are also available at that period of time every weekday.

This supposes to be the perfect approach.

Coach-driven approach is no longer fitting into the busy schedule for this modern world nowadays. Fencing training should be on-demand, similar to the movies on your cable TV — when you have time to watch, you tune to the appropriate channel.

It sounds too-good-to-be-true, yet it should be the way it should be.

30 years ago you might watch movies at the theaters, how about now? Watching movies at the theaters become a luxury and only cherry-picked movies are worthwhile to take this approach, i.e. sending whole afternoon to watch a movie, and a meal before or after movie and soda and popcorns during the movie.

Same to Fencing training. For regular lessons, you might not need to schedule a session — fencers just require to practice what they learnt and apply during drills and games, remind the muscles by repeatedly drilling with partners, and get the proper combat experience with fencers from different age groups, levels and even from other clubs.

For ‘watching movie at theater’, i.e. scheduled lesson, it will also be a ‘cherry-picked’ process by selecting the best coach for private lesson or individual clinic, or training camps.

The world is evolving and it is the time to change. The market will eliminate someone who does not change.

Warm-Up is another important element in fencing training. How Scherma Italiana views on this? Please read here.


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