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The Scherma Italiana Way - Technology Applied

Posted by Stepio On 9:53 AM

The Tailored Approach In-Action — The Scherma Italiana Way

As previously mentioned, per discussed with Coach Aspromonte, just like other cities we previously organized camps, there are of quite a room for improvement in terms of fencing culture, methodology, approach and mentality of fencers and parents.

Applied Technology to Training

In Scherma Italiana, technology is one of the major areas on overall adaptation. It is not about fancy machines and gimmick features in the club, nor expecting fencers to invest in unnecessary apps/equipments.

It is about applying sufficient, existing technology on attendance tracking, training hour tracking, scoring equipment, supports on regular activities within the club. By applying the technologies regularly to fencers, we are able to ensure our training are conducted in the result-oriented, cost-effective and time-efficient ways.

Virtual Warm-Up Coaching

For example, instead of leading fencers to warm-up by the coach in very limited timeframe, maybe less than 20 mins. It is surely not enough for serious athlete. Yet due to the fact that fencers are paying for more advanced training, not warm-up, there has been comments on whether warm-up should be reduced or excluded in the session.

We have discussed seriously about this issue since we heard this comment from the parents. We see there is a way to accommodate both sides.

Fencers should come to the club at least 30 minutes before the session starts. That is, if his session is 4pm, he should come before 3:30pm. We will allow the fencers to get warmed up virtually leading by our pre-recorded warm-up sessions by Coach Aspromonte.

We will upload the warm-up videos on youtube, our fencers will have accesses to those videos. We will announce which warm-up video is appropriate for today’s training and let the fencers to play those on our devices or theirs in the free wi-fi venue.

So before the training session, they will have a free, coached warm-up with Coach Aspromonte. It is suitable for fencers who have been fencing for more than 1 year.

Although it seems a common-sense on watching videos to do exercises these days, none of the fencing clubs in Hong Kong has applied this to the training. We were in Moscow last December and they have been doing this for years — although it is mainly for Cadet and Junior fencers (about 13-17 years old).

Of course, technology is more than just playing videos. With Scherma Italiana, more technologies will be applied to the training to ensure that our fencers can benefit from those convenient, low-cost and effective way of fencing to cope with more challenges on this sport.

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