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We Heard You and Thank You!

Posted by Stepio On 10:24 PM

We Heard You and Thank You!

Thanks for your support on the Hong Kong Visit, Aspromonte's the first step in Asia!

It has been a long 4-month non-stop coordination and effort on organizing the camp! And this is the first event for our small team to work on and we have definitely learn a lot from the event.

This 5-day Camp taught us a lot about the local fencing atmosphere, the fencing standard, the passions from the local fencers, local challenges on organizing world-class sports training and, more importantly, the fencers' satisfaction and needs from the training.

We received a lot of compliments and support words from you all! A big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

We also receive some comments and suggestions that we treasure for our next events.

We would like to extend our sincere apology to any inconvenience caused during the camp!

Without you and your fencers and your sharing, we cannot reach this far!

We are a world-class team, along with the world-class quality on fencing and world-class coach. We are not satisfied on what we just accomplished!

We will be a lot better, as a whole, for our next event!

Coach Aspromonte has already come up with ideas on how to improve our fencers, starting from a better club. Please see his findings here.

Stay tuned! You have made a good choice!


Edward Pak


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