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Fencing with The Italian Olympic Gold Medalists | Summer 2017 | Chai Wan, HONG KONG SAR

Hong Kong Fencing with Italian Olympic Gold Medalist

One of the Life Time Opportunity to Meet with the Italian Olympic Gold Medalist of Fencing in Hong Kong!

The visit says it all!

Fencers in Hong Kong is now having a chance to meet with your idol, Valerio Aspromonte, the Italian Olympic Gold Medalist in London 2012. He will show you and discuss with you how to make it all the way to the world rank. Some demonstrations will make you acclaimed and the visit will be full of fun and inspirative to fencers of all age.

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Duration : One Intensive Week; 5-Day; 21-25 August 2017.

Session & Time : 
Morning Session : 9am-1pm (4 hours)
Lunch & Sharing : 1-3pm
Break : 3pm-5pm
Evening Session : 5pm-8pm (3 hours)

Venue : Chai Wan Members' Only Club
Address : Chai Wan, Hong Kong SAR (address to be announced).
Purpose : Experience Sharing & Preparation for Competitons in Fall 2017.
Feature : Group practice with theme, Talk & Experience Sharing Sections.

Valerio Aspromonte, the reputable Italian champion foil fencer and gold medalist of London 2012 Olympics.
Staff : A group of trainers and support coaches.


Weapon : Foil (optional Epee and Saber).
Gender : Male and female.
Age Limit : Age of 8 or above.
Group : Athletes will be divided based on age and technical abilities.


Camp Fee : 
Morning Session : HKD5,500 for 5 sessions; HKD1,200 per session.
Evening Session : HKD4,000 for 5 sessions; HKD900 per session.

Hotel : 7-night NOT included; Bed-and-Breakfast or hotel; twin bedded or triple or quadruple standard room can be arranged.

Airfare & Other Expenses : Airfare, daily meals and expenses related to dining-out, private gathering among athletes, transports and souvenirs are NOT included. 

Accompanied STEPIO Coach : STEPIO arranges accompanied coach with the athletes who register with STEPIO from Macao, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taipei, Taichung and Moscow. It is USD60 per day EXTRA to the Camp Fee.

Private Lesson : USD90 per half hour with your selected Coach; Reserve with STEPIO earlier once completing pre-registration.

Example of Total Cost (Traveling Budget): Athlete Josh will attend the Camp with STEPIO accompanied coach for the whole trip. Leaving Moscow on 19 August and coming back on 27 June from Hong Kong.
Camp Fee USD1200
STEPIO Coach EUR540 (USD60 x 9 days)
Extra Private Lesson USD450 (USD90 x 5 half-hours)
Airfare USD600 (round-trip)
Misc. Expenses USD500

Hong Kong Fencing with Italian Olympic Gold Medalist Hong Kong Fencing with Italian Olympic Gold Medalist

Hong Kong Fencing with Italian Olympic Gold Medalist Hong Kong Fencing with Italian Olympic Gold Medalist


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