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Handmade Fencing Blade from Esprit Blades

Posted by Stepio On 2:12 AM


Tradition, Technology and Experience to Achieve the Highest Quality

The manufacturer of sports blades, Olympic fencing Esprit Blades offers foils, sabers and swords, high quality, the fruit of the sporting experience of Alberto Franchini and technical expertise gained in its steel-mechanical company: Franchini Acciai Spa.

Multi-champion Italian and European, former national fencer, Alberto Franchini achieved on the platform skills that have allowed him, in over twenty years of business, to understand the most important needs of top athletes of the Olympic fencing : from the obvious need to subtle nuances, to deliver to the market a complete sports blade, flexible and customizable.

The province of Brescia, as an ancient home of the sports blades for quality fencing, the land where culture and tradition of Italian fencing renew themselves proudly in the forges Esprit Blades : laboratories capable, with their excellent quality, to revive the blades a once famous in the world.


The use maraging steel, forging a hammer, other strict manufacturing and quality control processes give a perfect balancing of the blade, a characteristic that the future of fencing champions find themselves in our sport knives, fully customisable, according to the needs of athlete.

Be guided by the experience of Italian and European champion like Alberto Franchini, who Esprit Blades encompasses all the skills gained on the platform and all the skills of your company Franchini Acciai Spa, which since 1968 has mastered the art of steel processing. 

Fioretti, swords and sabers Esprit Blades are forged in mallet, a high quality and manual processing, which allows, with the use of maraging steel, to realize more resistant sports blades and more elastic, for a tenacity and an accuracy to which future champions of the Olympic fencing can not give up.

The perfect balance and balance of our sports blades are the result of a fencing proud tradition, which is renewed in the Brescia area, already famous for a past world excellence in fencing Forged blades. 

The quality The long and complex production cycles required to achieve excellence every foil, epee and saber Esprit Blades tells its own story. Finished by hand, our sports blades are tested according to very strict internationally recognized by the supervisory controls materials of various federations of each country and, of course, the FIE, which we use the same machines approved for testing.

Fioretti, Swords and Sabers

The blades Esprit fencing Blades are produced with a sophisticated procedure that link to excellence, if not looking for perfection.

Available in the three regulatory measures: blade 85, blade 88 and blade 90, the blades Esprit born from fencing and professional Alberto Franchini are ideal for athletes who want to fully customize their fencing blade or the Armory that want to deliver to their students a lasting blade, durable and precise, with all the scoring expertise gained over the years by the Italian and European champion in its steel-mechanical company Franchini Acciai Spa.

The maraging steel, special metal alloy based on iron , nickel and cobalt, from high flexibility and durability characteristics, it is forged to the mallet, a process that makes the blades with an internal structure like no other manufacturing process can get.

To achieve excellence, each fencing blade is machined with a long and complex production cycle : at hand are alternated finishing the internal quality controls the company, which already meet the more stringent standard FIE (Federation Internationale D'Escrime) , thanks to the use of special type-approved equipment.

For seizing one world-class, hand-made fencing blade, please click here.


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