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Crucial Training Before Competition

No doubt about getting the best training before the competition while keeping your everyday's training require commitment, discipline, and repetition. But from what you have been learning everyday with the same team of fencers, you may not be able to get the 'scent' of the competition. Again, the same way of private lesson is no hurt for preparing the competition. Yet a fresh mind of tactics and tips would help you a lot on inspiring your mind when you have to face someones as your opponents in the next few days.

That is the reason why STEPIO is organizing training camps and clinics before yet close enough your critical moments. And in the long run, that is also the reason why you require going to different training camps in countries other than yours -- you need to face different way of play the same sport and get inspired.

It is always a very good learning process every time you compete with someone, especially ones you don't know well or don't know at all! Fencing is all about building up your own style after learning from the winnings-and-losings overtime. The more you get inspired, the better your game you will play -- no matter how many lessons you take and how famous your coach is if you play within-the-box.

Mental Preparation Tips for Competition

Being mentally prepared for a tournament is just as important as being physically prepared. 

A successful fencer requires strong muscles, quick reactions, and refined motor skills to defeat their opponent. Having a strong mind, quick attitude responses, and tailored mental skills gives an equaled matched fencer a distinct advantage over their competition. Mental preparation involves these four key elements:

1. Feeling that you are ready to compete. Developing this important aspect starts long before you actually compete. With each step of preparation for a tournament, you remind yourself that you are getting more and more ready to compete. If you feel that you are not ready, you have already created a major shortcoming in your preparation. 

2. Trusting your skills and abilities. The confidence is defined as knowing that you are able to perform certain skills. Feeling that you are a good fencer because you can execute the necessary skills at the necessary time is a huge step in the mental preparation process. There are fencers who have tremendous accomplishments who lack confidence. On the contrary, you can have confidence without your desired accomplishment.

3. Focus on fencing well. When you fence well, good things will happen. By focusing on winning alone, you create an unnecessary distraction that pressures you, rather than relaxes you. This step involves having no expectations about your performance. This step involves developing proper self-talk.

4. Coping with adversity. I’ve seen it so many times. A fencer may be struggling in a tough bout, but hanging in there. Then out of the blue, one thing goes wrong and they explode in a fit of anger, or mentally break down. Being prepared for anything puts you ahead of your competition. Fine tuning this skill involves learning about control, and how heavily it affects your ability to keep your head in the bout.

5. Following on-spot instructions from your Coach. Your Coach knows you well and you need his clear mind from a third-party on opinions and tactics you need to compete on your next round or get your next point. Even your Coach is not present in the competition, ask someone senior on the game, e.g. your STEPIO accompanied coach to give you comments after each round so you can get the first hand comments on your performance, condition and clear some of your mind blocks, and of course, if you courage to continue better in the next round.

For more advice on this topic regarding coach on-spot during competition, please see another professional explanation by click here.

Through committing and learning these preparations, making the effort to improve your overall fencing game can certain pay off!

For your next critical training program, please see the coming training camps/private lessons here.


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