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Typhoon Hato Strikes Hong Kong & Macau

Posted by Stepio On 10:01 PM

Typhoon Hato Strikes Macau

God bless Macau!

Our biggest fencing event, co-hosted with the Macao Fencing Association and Sports Bureau and University of Macau, was unfortunately postponed due to the Typhoon Hato
strikes Macau badly last week.

The city was terribly destructed and the Doom, our event venue, requires significant repair on leakage and roof damage. The whole city including the Chinese Army have been working so hard to revitalize the city these days.

We would really like to help and Valerio Aspromonte would like to go personally to see if anything we could help. Yet we could not obtain the jet foil tickets and secure a hotel room. We have no choice but postpone the event.

In November, after Aspromonte's competition in Tokyo on 11 November, we will stay in Tokyo and fence with 5 largest clubs as a mini-camp offered to our Tokyo fencers.

After that, from 17 November, Aspromonte will come back to Hong Kong for his second camp in Hong Kong this year. We intend to invite over Olympic champions on Epee and Sabre from Italy and join our bigger event!

We are still in coordination with our Macau counterparts and see if we could organize an even bigger event in Macau, potentially with corporate sponsors and reserved venue etc.

Aim high! And we will make it!

Stay strong, Macau! We will be ready for your recovery!

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