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Frascati Scherma | Renovation in Progress

Posted by Stepio On 12:29 PM

Frascati Scherma's Renovation Project in Progress

We have just visited Frascati Scherma, the best ever fencing club in Italy, before heading to Jezi Camp 2017.

As you see in the photo, the intensive renovation project is truly in fast pace and getting the flooring done in a week.

The center has not been engaged in overall upgrading for more than 15 years. It had been added several room including the gym and the yoga room, as shown below, since 2000. 

Yet for the fencing hall, which is the main provision of the facility occupying 40+ fencers fencing at the same time, had not been remodeled at least 15 years. The lighting is not also up-to-standard and air-conditioning is not that well operated.

With the humble donations from the Frascati government and several private corporations as sponsors, the renovation has eventually started in early July.

We will definitely from the newly furnished fencing environment from this September when the new season starts.

STEPIO will start arranging the camps for the next season at Frascati, potentially in mid December, along with another TBC facility in Italy. And, as always, it will be an exclusive camp for STEPIO.

Please stay tuned for more details!


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