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Grant Stockman

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A multi-lingual, professional in two sporting codes: skiing and golf.

Possesses over two decades of domestic and international experience gained both as a competitor and fully qualified coach. 


  • NZSIA Ski Instructor "International Certification Level 3” 
  • International Race Coach 
  • NZPGA qualified Golf Professional 


  • 24 years Race Coaching and Ski Instructing 
  • 10 years as a Professional Golfer both playing and teaching


  • Represented NZ on World Cup Parallel Slalom tour 1999-2002 
  • 1st place Swiss Ski School Champion 2001 
  • 2nd Place World Ski School Championships – Whistler 2001 
  • Competed in World Powder Eight Championships at Mike Wiegeles 2003


How did you become an alpine ski race coach?
I started at Whakapapa after 2 years as a ski instructor I was offered the chance to coach ski racing.

What are you known for and have a knack for in your role as an alpine ski race coach? 
I am often told that I have a strong understanding of each individual athlete and I can always find a way that works best for that individual in order to improve. I get called a bit tough sometimes but the athletes get to know my line of when to be serious and when to just have fun. 

Who and where have you coached in the past? 
I have coached all levels of skiing from beginner racers all the way through to World Cup athletes. I have coached at: New Zealand - Mt Ruapehu, Mt Hutt,Treble Cone, Coronet Peak, Cardrona. Austria - Ellmau Switzerland - Davos, Elsigen Alp, Andermatt, Stoos, Engleberg, Obersaxen 

What excites you most about alpine ski racing?
SPEED AND RISK … Seeing an athlete learn about the importance of how discipline and self belief is required and that it is learned by training hard and learning to risk as much as they can as they progress in the sport . 

What’s your golden rule when coaching? 
To have fun and treat each day as a new day, no matter how good or bad it was the day before … always finish the day on a positive no matter what. 

Describe a coaching success … 
Knowing you have helped an athlete to achieve their goals and much more.

Describe a lesson learnt from coaching …
Patience my friend ... Patience…. 

Favourite saying? 
Don’t eat yellow snow 

Your secret weapon is … 
My loveable personality.

Who’s your hero?
Never had one particular person… but freestyle skier, Glen Plake was the guy that made me want go out there and push myself when I started the sport! 

Where can you be found when you’re not working on the hill?
Taking photos all over the place… playing golf and riding my Moto... 

Describe the funniest situation you’ve encountered as a coach?
I'd have to write a book on that one… I’m laughing now just thinking! Louis Cronin skiing a Slalom course in his underwear was pretty entertaining to say the least.

How would you like to be remembered as a coach?
By athletes saying they always learned a lot with me and it was lots of fun! That would be a good way to be remembered.

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