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Fencing Summer Camp 2017 | Jesi, Italy

Posted by Stepio On 8:47 AM

Fencing Summer Camp Jesi Italy 2017

FENCING SUMMER CAMP 2017 | Jesi, Italy

One of the Large Fencing Camps in the World!

In 2016, the attended athletes were from 19 countries accommodating 25 pistes!

Pre-Register NOW for FREE with STEPIO before it is full house!


Duration : One Intensive Week - 30 July to 5 August 2017.
Venue : Jesi Sports Arena, Jesi, Italy.
Purpose : Preparation for the Agonistic Fencing Season in 2017/18.
Feature : Intensive Workouts, Athletic Trainings, Drill Practices and Individual Clinics.
Bonus : FREE one-hour with the chosen Coach or Coach In-Charge.


Coach In-Charge : Annalisa Coltorti, the Italian National Fencing Team Athletic Coach.
Coach : Olympic and World Champions - Daniele Garozzo, Giovanna Trillini, Valentina Vezzali, Valerio Aspromonte. Enrico Garozzo, Alice Volpi, Francesco Ingargiola.
Staff : A group of trainers, tutors, support coaches and doctors on-duty.


Weapon : Foil, Epee, Saber.
Gender : Male and female.
Age Limit : Age of 8 or above.
Group : Athletes will be divided based on age and technical abilities.


Camp Fee : EUR750 per athlete, including hotel accommodation, buffet meals at hotel and shuttle bus transfer to and from hotel and venue.
Hotel : 7-night included; Hotel Federico II or Hotel of Nani; twin bedded or triple or quadruple standard room.
Airfare & Other Expenses : Airfare, and expenses related to dining-out, private gathering among athletes, transports and suveniors are NOT included. 
Accompanied STEPIO Coach : STEPIO arranges accompanied coach with the athletes who register with STEPIO from Hong Kong, Macao, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taipei, Taichung and Moscow. It is EUR50 per day EXTRA to the Camp Fee.
Private Lesson : First hour FREE; additional lesson EUR70 per half hour with your selected Champion Coach; Reserve with STEPIO earlier once completing pre-registration.
Example of Total Cost (Traveling Budget): Athlete Josh will attend the Camp with STEPIO accompanied coach for the whole trip. Leaving Hong Kong on 29 July and coming back on 6 August.
Camp Fee EUR750
STEPIO Coach EUR450 (EUR50 x 9 days)
Extra Private Lesson EUR280 (EUR70 x 4 half-hours)
Airfare EUR500 (round-trip)
Misc. Expenses EUR100


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