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Say NO to Facebook! Act Now!

Posted by Stepio On 1:54 PM

Say NO to Facebook!

People are fleeing Facebook after it was revealed that political data firm Cambridge Analytica exploited the personal information of some 50 million users. The incident prompted a public apology from CEO Mark Zuckerberg and led federal governments to question whether the site is capable of protecting user data.

People are losing faith in Zuckerberg and the empire he built. With the #DeleteFacebook in full swing, it’s time to find an alternative app for sharing content, staying close with friends and family, and keeping on top of the news.

We see that we have the obligation to protect the privacy of all our athletes who are joining our camps. Actually we never like Facebook at all yet it seems a powerful tool to spread our messages to the athlete crowd. We have no choice to use Facebook to start our business.

Since we have been organizing quality camps and trainings to our athletes for more than a year, it builds a solid client base for us based on trust and respect from our athletes and their parents. We have a choice to gradually change our social media platform to better ones -- VERO.


A direct competitor to Facebook, Vero has gained more than 3 million users in the past few months. The platform’s founder says it was made to go back to a simpler time when people followed things that interest them and stayed close to people in their lives.

If Vero doesn’t already seem like a reaction to Facebook’s recent failures, the app’s website says it was made to “address digital addiction.” It’s an unrestrained quip at Zuckerberg’s tactics of “exploiting human psychology” to addict users, as two former Facebook executives put it.

“As an advertising free platform, we don’t view addiction to our service as a measure of success. We want Vero to enhance your life, not detract from it,” the app claims.

On Vero, users can post photos, videos, links, and their current location. They can also recommend their favorite movies and TV shows. The platform’s interface shows content strictly in chronological order, a response to backlash from Instagram’s unpopular decision to use a ranked feed.

The Vero app was recently incapable of supporting an influx of users and became essentially unusable for several days. The subscription-based platform responded by giving new users a free lifetime membership.

We has started inviting friends and posting blog on VERO, please stay tuned.

We are here @ VERO!


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