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Liaised with Beijing Tian Ao Fencing Club

Posted by Stepio On 7:42 AM

Proudly Liaised with Tian Ao Fencing Club, Beijing, PR China
It is proudly to announce that we have just liaised with a fencing club in Beijing -- Tian Ao Fencing.

However, we are quite disappointed to realize that the venue of the famous Liao Shan (老山) Fencing Club will be closed for good.

Liao Shan Fencing Club is the reputable training center in China as it has been incubating many famous fencers including the Chinese Foil Three Musketeers 男子花剑三剑客 (Ye Chong 叶冲, Dong Zhaozhi 董兆致, Wang Haibin 王海滨), Zhong Man 仲满, Lei Sheng 雷声 and the most famous épée woman team etc.

It is the only club in China managed by the General Adminisration of Sports of China. It also co-located with the Chinese Fencing Association and the FIE authorized training center in Asia. 

As seen in the below notice that the venue has already been closed. To achieve the Olympic goals in Tokyo 2020, the whole venue with area more than 8000㎡, will be refurnished and ready for more challenging mission to the intensive training program for the national cycling team. The Liao Shan Fencing Club will now change to Tian Ao International Fencing Club.

TA Fencing will be ready for training sessions later this month. And STEPIO will start liaising with TA Fencing for more international skill exchange and training camps in the nearest future.

Wish TA Fencing Club and the great coaches all the best with the new venue and amazing results of years to come!


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