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 Sports Countries


STEPIOTM is to provide the best training opportunities that allows young athletes to reach their true potentials across the globe.

For the sports we focus on, it is essential to know which country is traditionally good at which particular sport.

Of course, there is always good and encouraging to try different sports in the country you reside in the inspiring period. However, to achieve a different level, with purpose like enrolling in a preferred college with scholarship, or regional championship etc., no one country fits all.

It is understood that different countries are of different focuses, even for strong-in-sport countries, e.g. USA, Russia, China etc. And the resources and approaches are very different on building athletic skills -- technical, mental, strategic and physical; and psychological readiness -- to build character, produce well rounded and balanced lifestyle.

And you might find different approaches and philosophical beliefs from different countries on sports training. It is very important to find the best approach to get trained from -- or it might simply waste of time if picking a local one and go with it.

There must be a reason why a particular country is strong on a particular sport or number of sports. By attending trainings held in those countries, athletes are able to, firstly, realize the availability of the approaches and then choose the best to fit them.

Feel free to explore our different programs in various countries listed below to see which one is right for you :

USA : San FranciscoHouston
ITALY : FrascatiJezi
RUSSIA : Moscow
CHINA : ShanghaiBeijingHarbinGuangzhou
HONG KONG : Hong KongMacao
TAIWAN : TaipeiTaichung
JAPAN TokyoIwata
NEW ZEALAND : Wellington
SINGAPORE : Singapore

More countries will be incorporated in the list as far as we could find the best program and coaches in those countries. And please feel free to contact us if you suggest some programs in countries for us to explore further.


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