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sports clubs & organizations


Good sports clubs help to create a healthy, thriving, inclusive club culture, which sets them up for long term success. 

By joining a good sports club you get :

  • Full support of the club's team and the club members
  • Ample resources to promote the sport and increase club membership
  • Strong engagement from existing members
  • On-demand for bookings of club function spaces
  • Respect from the specific sports community and contribute to make it better
  • Happy, healthy club members as friends
  • respects from members' parents, junior and senior members and the local community

Here is a list of our major sports clubs and organizations STEPIO is currently working with :

Fencing : Scherma Italiana, Hong Kong, SAR, China (solely owned)

Fencing : Salle Mauro Fencing Academy, Houston USA
Fencing : San Francisco Fencers' Club, San Francisco, USA
Fencing : The Fencers Club, New York, USA
Fencing : CSKA Sports School, Moscow, RUSSIA
Fencing : Frascati Scherma, Frascati, ITALY
Fencing : Club Scherma Pisa Antonio Di Ciolo, Pisa, ITALY
Fencing : Seoul Fencing Club, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Fencing : Lourus Fencing Club, Busan, SOUTH KOREA
Fencing : Suginami Fencing Club, Tokyo, JAPAN
Fencing : Keio University Fencing Club, Tokyo, JAPAN
Fencing : Chuo University Fencing Club, Tokyo, JAPAN
Fencing : Rikyo High School Fencing Club, Tokyo, JAPAN
Fencing : Tutti Fencing Club, Tokyo, JAPAN
Fencing : Garden Fencing Club, Tokyo, JAPAN
Fencing : Iwata Fencing Club, Iwata, JAPAN
Fencing : Lao Shan Ji Jian Fencing Club, Beijing, CHINA
Fencing : i-Fencing Alliance Club, Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Fencing : Taipei Fencing Club, Taipei, TAIWAN ROC
Fencing : OLYM Fencing, Tai Chung, TAIWAN ROC
Fencing : CrossXswords Fencing Club, Melbourne, Australia
Fencing : Hutt Valley Swords Club, Wellington, New Zealand

Golfing : PureForm Golf, Hong Kong, HONG KONG

Swimming : St. Mary International School, Tokyo, JAPAN

Football : CSKA Sports School, Moscow, RUSSIA

Alpine Skiing : Ruapehu Snow Sports, Whakapapa, NEW ZEALAND
Alpine Skiing : The Ski Club, Mount Dobson, NEW ZEALAND
Ski Racing : Stockman Sports, Ruapehu, NEW ZEALAND

... and many more to come!


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