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Sport Camp - A Brief

Posted by Stepio On 11:24 PM

Sport Camp


If this is the first time you join a sport training camp, there are lots of things to consider. But very importantly, it is YOUR CAMP!

You enjoy what you participate in and make use of every second in the CAMP to show your potential, improve your game, observe what others do, get out of ordinary regime, explore new ways of doing things, visit a different city or even country, especially important, to make friends -- many of those!

STEPIOTM charges NO FEE to participants to join the camps we organize. We try to sustain ourselves by sponsors and donations from athletes. Hope it stays that way forever!

General Information

1. Training Camps organized by STEPIOTM are all at the top notch facilities in respective countries, along with best level of coaches available;

2. Depending on sport nature and purpose, Training Camp usually includes athletic training, sport-specific fitness/physical training, sport-specific technical training, body development plan and instruction featuring tactical techniques, practice drills, video analysis, games with other athletes (internal/external, inter-camps, regional, etc.), nutrient & health management, mental training program etc. Usually a tournament will be arranged on the last day of Camp, if applicable, as an opportunity to utilize what learnt and to self-evaluation;

3. Access of training facilities at the venue during the Camp period is permitted;

4. Accommodation near the Camp venue usually includes in the Camp Fee. It could be hotel, bed & breakfast, hostel etc. and athletes should stay with roommate(s) in the same room;

5. Meals usually includes in the Fee, especially breakfast.

6. Shuttle bus transport, between hotel to venue, is usually included.

Additional Information

1. Airfare, and travel insurance, upgraded accommodation (extra bed or room at hotel, bed & breakfast etc.) and transportation (from airport to hotel, from hotel to venue etc.) are usually to be booked and arranged by athletes; costs are usually not included;

2. STEPIOTM will arrange accompanied coach(es) to go with the athletes who are pre-registered with STEPIOTM online; costs to cover the daily expenses of the coach(es);

3. The itinerary(ies) of the accompanied coach(es) will be provided, prior to the Camp upon confirmed, for reference only. It is not obliged to book the same flight and/or hotel with the coach;

4. All extra meals and beverages are to be arranged by athletes themselves; costs are not included;

5. Any miscellaneous expenses for extra programs and training out of the Camp itself, as described in the Camp program, are not included in the Camp fee;

6. International athletes wishing to attend the Camps are required to obtain proper documentation to gain entry to the countries the Camps held. For more detailed information, please visit their own country's visa-related websites;

7. STEPIOTM shall bear no responsibility for international athletes who enter the country without proper immigration documents, nor the hosting club/organization responsible for obtaining such documentation.


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